2024 Calendar of Events

First Saturdays (12pm to 4pm)

Our sites will be open on the first Saturday of the month from April through November.   Please visit our homepage for any updates.

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Kent Island Day 2024, Saturday May 18 Cancelled!

We’ve had to make that tough call for Kent Island Day. Based on the terrible weather forecast for Saturday, we’ve made an executive decision to cancel KI Day to give our vendors and participants time to react. We are an outdoor event – totally dependent on the weather. Given the current weather patterns, there is little likelihood that the weather prediction will change.
Want to see past Kent Days?  Click on this link.

Fall Picnic 2024

Our always popular Old Fashioned Annual Picnic for members and their guests is scheduled this year for Sunday September 22.  Place it on your calendar now!
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                                                       2023 Calendar of Events

BOD meeting

BOD meeting

March 19

General Meeting and Invited Presentation: The Bay Bridge – Our Heritage!
Our Future? :*  7pm at Historic Christ Church, Stevensville.

BOD Meeting




*General Meetings are open to all KI Heritage Society members, guests, and interested individuals.



April 1

Deadline for Scholarship Applications

BOD Meeting

May 22 Scholarship Award Ceremony

May 18
Kent Island Day

June 18

General Meeting and Invited Presentation TBD*


BOD Meeting

BOD Meeting

BOD Meeting

September 22
Fall Picnic @ Kirwan House, Chester Cancelled
1:00 - 5:00PM 

Historic Stevensville Metric Half Marathon





BOD Meeting

December 8

Christmas Brunch for Members and Guests

Election of Officers